Mumbai University

Dr. Vidhyadhar Vyas
Head of Music Department Mumbai University

      Shri Murli Manohar Shukla Vice Principal incharge of Sangeet Kala Academy of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, is a renowned musician, composer & teacher of repute. His work has been meritorious and appreciated by students and all. He is fine gentlemen, sincere and devoted worker.

Jessica Mahadevan

      Though I had been learning Hindustani Music for many years, it was only after I started studying with Murliji that I gained a real insight into the intricate beauty of Khayal. Murliji's teaching is unique in its approach thorough systematic generous and integrated. I know of no other Teacher who plays tabla for students.

Shree Vallabh Sangeetalaya

K. G. Ginde

       In addition to his achievements in classical music, he also possesses ample knowledge of Indian Folk Music. He has composed Music for several Musical Themes which have also been greatly appreciated. He is very sincere & hardworking therefore proves useful to any organisation.

Yuvak Biradari

Kranti Shah
Director Yuvak Biradari

       Pandit Murli Manohar Shukla has been directing Ek Sur Ek Taal event and Music Arrangement in Kala Academy of Yuvak Biradari. He is the Head of the Faculties of Yuvak Biradari, contributing to the growth of cultural and moral values with music as medium.

Mukesh (Playback Singer)

Bollywood Playback Singer

       It has been my pleasure to know him for about last four years. He has worked with me in composing music in a couple of commercial film shorts. He is a very talented young man having originality and subtle knowledge of Indian Music.

Indian National Theatre

Nirupama Mehta
Jt. Hon. Secretary Indian National Theatre

      Shri Murli Manohar Shukla was associated with the Institution of Music run by Indian National Theatre. Shri Shukla imparted training in Indian Classical Music Vocal to the students of the Institute and both students as well as INT were very happy with his teahing.

Protima Productions

Protima Das Gupta
Owner Protima Productions

      In my production work Mr. Murli Mnohar Shukla has composed several tunes for my background music which has appreciated not only in India but also abroad where my pictures were shown. He has also mastered a few instruments, especially Harmonium & Tabla which he used to play himself in orchestrating my music.

Embassy of India Caracas

S. M. Shirali
Attache Embassy Of India Caracas

      In our enquiry first with different people as to who my wife could get composite coaching from within the short period, we were unanimously advised by every connoisseur of music that Shri Shukla was the most ideal professor. It must be emphasised to the credit of creative genius of Shri Shukla that all the "Cheesas" are his own compositions. A few of them he finalised on spot while teaching.

Ad Screen

Managing Director
Ad Screen

      Mr. Murli Manohar Shukla is a very hard working, sincere and talented musician. He has not only displayed his talents in vocal music but also at various instruments. We strongly recommend him as one of the most versatile music composers we have over come across.

Arsh Kala Kunj

L. N. Pandit
General Secretary Arsh Kala Kunj

      Shri Muli Manohar Shukla is one of the founders of Arsh Kala Kunj established in 1954. He was instrumental in bringing on the stage our Maiden Show - Dance, Ballet & Co. It was he who directed the Music in Classical Tunes which formed the highlight of our show.

Dr. N. Rajam

Padma Bhushan Dr. N. Rajam

      I got an occasion to listen to the music concert of Shri. Murli Manohar Shukla recently and it was indeed a memorable one. A highly knowledgeable musician, his rendering is noted especially for ease & effortlessness with which he sings even the most explicated & intricate Taan patterns at a very fast tempo.

Emissora De Goa

Ramakant Keni
Programme Director Radio Goa

      Master Murli Manohar Shukla is being acknowledged and recognised by us as one of the best music composers and directors who has composed for us special musical themes based on Indian Classical 'Raga'. He has recorded 11 classical songs for us which have been popular as any classical vocal recordings of known Classical Masters of India.

G. M. Mehra & Co.

Gautam Mehra
G. M. Mehra & Co.

      I have been thoroughly impressed at his command over the subject, both, covering the theory of the subject and its practise. Although he gives vocal recitals, his understanding of Indian Musical Instruments and their intricacies is very surprising and speaks of his command over subject.

Lalit Kala Kendra

Gayanacharya Pt. Rajaram Shukla
Principal Lalit Kala Kendra

      He is well behaved, honest, conscientious of his duties and responsibilities and is a good administrator. He capable of conducting Music Circles. He can thus be entirely relied upon to satisfactorily carry out any responsibilities entrusted to him because of his knowledge of the line and his ability though young.

P. V. Kamat

Er. P. V. Kamat
Secretary To Govt. (Roads)

      It was really a great pleasure to listen to your classical vocal recital. Your tuneful and sonorous voice is still resounding in my ears. On listening to your recital, it becomes apparent that you have grasped the basic substance of Indian Classical Music.

Prayag Sangit Samiti

J. N. Pathak
Registrar Prayag Sangit Samiti

      Prof. Deodhar who conducted his examination made a very striking report to his talents as exponent of classical music of very high and original calibre. He will be an asset to one who is privileged to own him and make use of his talents and services. He is sincere, hardworking and dependable.

SNDT Kanyashala

Pratibha Bhavalkar
Lady Superintendent SNDT Kanyashala

      I have found Mr. M. M. Shukla to be very painstaking artist and he is not only devoted to his art but is well versed in it. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any responsible post suited to his qualifications and experience.


V. G. Kulkarni
Project Director TIFR

      It was very kind of you to have agreed to give a lecture on "Scientific Basis of Classical Indian Music" to the teacher participants of our Project. The very fact that the lecture demonstration and the question period lasted nearly five hours shows what a grand success it was.