My Guruji's

My Guruji's

Prof. Krishnarao Jaokar

      Late Professor Shri Krishnarao Jaokar was a well know legendary vocalist of the Kirana Gharana. He was privileged to learn under Ustad Abdul Karim Khan, the founder of Kirana Gharana. His brother Shri Janardan Jaokar was also a vocalist & Tabla player of Kirana Gharana. Professor Jaokar was a well known as teacher and used to teach at his residence in Grant Road area of south Mumbai. Pandit Firoz Dastur (Vocalist of Kirana Gharana), Jaidev (Music Composer of Bollywood Golden Era), Jayashree Patankar (Vocalist) and Pandit Murli Manohar Shukla (Vocalist of Jaipur Kunwarshyaam Gharana) are some of the renowned disciples of Professor Krishnarao Jaokar. He also made HMV Record under Pen K. D. Jaokar.

Prof. B R Dheodhar

       Padmashri Prof. Dheodhar was Vocalist, Musicologist and Educator. He learned under the tutelage of legendary vocalist and musicologist Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar. He not only learned under Masters of various Gharana’s but also collected and recorded music styles of them. He established “Deodhar School Of Indian Music” in Mumbai breaking the Gharana Tradition. He also worked as a film Music director and gave music to films. Further he dedicated his time doing extensive research on specific musical pieces of “Khayal” Gayaki of different Gharanas which existed at his time. Prof. Deodhar spent few years in New York, America to learn “Voice Modulation Techniques” form Prof. Engam. He attended South East Asian Music conference in Manila, “Global Music Conference” in Italy in the and also attended “Cultural Heritage summit” in Eastern Europe.

Tabla-Nawaaz Pandit Taranath Hattangadi

       Pandit Taranath Ram Rao Hattangadi was a performer and teacher of Indian classical percussion, known for his knowledge of rare talas and old compositions. He represented the Farukhabad, Delhi, and Ajrada gharanas of tabla, and the Nana Panse tradition of pakhavaj. He studied formally for 47 years—an exceptional amount of time, even in the Indian master-disciple system—under many pandits and ustads, most notably Shamsuddin Khan. Rao was known for the architecture and content of his recitals. These normally weaved together sequences of exclusive, archival material with his original compositions. Such pieces were difficult to execute, drawing upon diverse influences in tabla and pakhavaj. He is also remembered for his modern outlook on classical music, innovative approach to drumming, progressive and systematic teaching style.

Gayanacharya Pandit Rajaram Shukla ‘Jyotirang’

       Pandit Rajaram Shukla was born in Sultanpur Village of Jaunpur district in 1925. Young Rajaram learned under Pandit Bhagvat Kishor Vyakulji of Ayodhya. Pandit Rajaram’s music impressed Kunwar Shripal Singh of Singramau, awarding him position of Professor in Raja Harpal Singh College. He was also aired on All India Radio and Doordarshan Mumbai. He was a stalwart representative of Gusai tradition of Hindustani classical music. Pt. Rajaram became disciple of Pt. Lakshman Prasad and continued to learn music from him. Rajaram’s ability to hit the note or swara with ease and a gentle flow in his voice enabled his mastery over music. He made a remarkable contribution to the Hindustani Classical Music by composing more than 400 ‘Bandish’.

Gunigandharva Pandit Lakshmanprasad Jaipurwale

      Lakshmanprasad Jaipurwale was born in a Raj Bhatt family. His father Pandit Baldev Prasad was Royal Musician of Indore Court. He was a superlative musician – a vocalist and a composer of a high calibre, a representative of the “Kunwar Shyam” tradition. The progenitor of this lyrical and layakari-laden gayaki was Goswami Lalji Maharaj (‘Kunwar Shyam’). A recluse who sang only within the precincts of Delhi’s Radha-Govind temple, the saint - musician - composer has left behind a rich fund of compositions. Lakshmanprasadji gave taleem to scores of professional musicians. Some names of them are: Rajdulari Khan (second wife of Ali Akbar Khan), Sudha Malhotra, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Ronu Majumdar, Meenu Purshottam, Aarti Mukherjee, Pt. Rajaram Shukla, Pt. Murli Manohar Shukla, Ajit Kadkade, Chandrasekhar Gadgil, etc